Nanci Griffith the Artist


About Nanci Griffith

Born in Seguin, Texas on July 6th 1954, and raised in Austin, Griffith acknowledges Carolyn Hester as her earliest musical influence. Hester was also Texas born, albeit nearly twenty years earlier. It was a local, Saturday morning, PBS television show that included guitar lessons, which persuaded Griffith, a somewhat reclusive and bookish child, to take up the instrument. By her mid teens she was playing clubs all over Austin, including Sunday nights at the Hole In The Wall. The club is [still] located on Guadalupe opposite the University Of Texas in Austin, where Griffith subsequently gained a degree in Education, and she went on to become a kindergarten and first grade teacher. In 1977, after meeting Mike Williams at the Kerrville Folk Festival, Nanci made her first recordings. Three of her songs, “Texas Boy,” “If I Were A Child” and “Double-Standard Blues,” appeared on the “B.F. Deal Sampler Vol. 1” alongside contributions from John Garza, Will Walker and Frank Zigal. In Austin’s Pecan Street Studio, Nanci cut her debut, “There’s A Light Beyond These Woods,” an album that included seven Griffith originals as well as Eric Taylor’s “Dollar Matinee.” Taylor and Griffith were married in the mid-seventies and remained together until early the following decade. Initially a B.F. Deal release “Light” resurfaced in the early eighties on Houston based Featherbed Records, when Griffith recorded her sophomore effort, “Poet In My Window,” for the same imprint. By the early eighties, at the bidding of fellow performer Bill Staines, Griffith “crossed the Red River” and began relentlessly touring the nation’s folk clubs in the company of acts such as Hester and Rosalie Sorrels.

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