John Garza the Voice




The Early Years

Born in Houston, Texas July 7th 1953, John started singing at age 6 and never stopped. At age 15 his career as a musician started very early as a member of a neighborhood garage band, and took off from there. During the early years as a child John spent time singing for Veterans at the veterans hospital and for homeless people at a local mission in downtown Houston. It was no wonder that he took his message of song to the bars and clubs to spread his energy of love for music.

From his own BIO:

My name is John Garza, not to be mistaken for the bass player or the congressman or any one else by that name.
I am a Father, musician, actor, computer geek, collector, and love ancient history and things that have to do with antiquity. I am also an avid gamer.

A professional musician of over 49 years, performing in many venues that range from clubs, concerts, TV and radio as well as …theatre. Born in Houston Texas, raised in the world of insanity and educated by stupid mistakes as well as knowing a lot of good and bad people. after an early career in bands and being a folk singer in Houston TX playing at places like Anderson Fair, Sand Mountain, and many other places I made my way to Austin TX in the late 60’s.

There I had the pleasure of playing on the Streets (busking) and upon meeting Roger Bartlett (Original Coral Reefer Band Guitarist) one day and being invited to sing with him and Billy C (wrote Hands on the Wheel), I cracked the ice and began to perform at many venues in Austin, The Hole in the Wall, Armadillo World Headquarters, The Back Room, The Filling Station, The Broken Spoke, Bull Creek Party Barn, Soap Creek Salon…and mess of other places, met a lot of nice and not so nice people.
Oh yeah, I Won the Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk contest in 1976 played the main bill the next year. Met Mike WIlliams of BF Deal Records fame and recorded the BF Deal Sampler Vol1 in 1976.
After making a mess of things there I made my way to San Diego CA, played a lot of music spent a lot of time on the beach and then headed north to Santa Cruz. There my career took a turn and I started to perform as a folk singer as well as being in an exceptional fusion jazz rock band called State of Siege.
Well any way there is so much to write about and I haven’t even hit on 90 percent of the stuff I had done up to here so I’ll stop now. If you want to know more about me go on over to
Needless to say. I’ve done a lot of stuff, music, acting,computers, activist, photographer, laborer, etc… most important I learned how to be a Father, at the expense of my older kids who may never know…. I love them.

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