The Line Up


The Musicians and Crew of the BF Deal Sampler were a talented and diverse bunch, ranging from Bluegrass, Rock, Jazz and multifaceted fields of Music, Art, Politics and Graphic Design. The sessions were down and dirty (Live Takes) and rehearsals were sparse. The quality of the musicianship speaks in the sounds that emanate from the music. Many of them have gone on to become well known in their own right and many have faded in to the mist. Over time we will work to track down as many as we can to update you on their whereabouts and doings. Here are the songs and the PeopleĀ as they were on the Sampler.

The Songs:
1. Texas Boy – Nancy Griffith (Nancy Griffith) – 4:18
2. If I Were a Child – Nancy Griffith (Nancy Griffith) – 3:56
3. Double-Standard Blues – Nancy Griffith (Nancy Griffith) – 2:52
4. Big Black Cadillac – Frank Zigal (Frank Zigal) – 2:22
5. Lady from Carolina – Frank Zigal (Frank Zigal) – 2:37
6. Thieves and Fools – Frank Zigal (Frank Zigal) – 4:15
7. Rich Man, Poor Man – John Garza (John Garza) – 2:48
8. Lela – John Garza (John Garza) – 3:27
9. Piranha – John Garza (John Garza) – 3:26
10. When I Call Your Name – Will Walker (Will Walker) – 3:54
11. Lousiana LAw – Will Walker (Will Walker) – 3:15
12. Comanche Rider – Will Walker (Will Walker) – 6:18
The Players:
Nancy Griffith: Lead Vocal, Acoustic Finger-Style Guitar, Acoustic Rhythm Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Alvin Helge: Acoustic Bass
Tom Pittman: Banjio, Mandolin
Jesse B.Gay: Mandolin
East Side Flash: Dobro, Piano, Acoustic Lead Guitar
Frank Zigal: Harmony Vocals, Acoustic Finger-Style Guitar, Vocal, Harmonica
Tom Zigal: Harmony Vocals
Mike Williams: Harmony Vocals
Patterson Barrett: Pedal Steel
Will Kidd: Percussion
Spencer Starnes: Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass
Carla Cain: Harmony Vocals, Cowbell
John Garza: Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Finger-Style Guitar, Rattlesnake, Harmony Vocals
Steve Thompson: Electric Guitar
Steven Doster: Electric Guitar
Frog: Electric Piano
Will Walker: Harmonica,Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Finger-Style Guitar
Betty Lu: Fiddle
Bill Blachly: Engineer
Sam Yates: Cover Drawings
Bekki Lammert: Photography

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