Mike Williams the Producer

Mike Williams: Musician, Producer, Founder of BF Deal Records


Mike Williams is a country music singer, songwriter and record producer. Founded the B.F. Deal record label in Austin, TX in the mid-seventies, which released Nanci Griffith‘s debut album in 1978. Mike Williams also produced albums for Allen Damron, Austin TX musician and Kerrville Folk Festival aficionado.

B.F. Deal Publishing also produced a limited edition book titled Texas Genesis (Copyright 1978). It was about the Texas progressive country music scene from 1963 through 1978. It was dictated into a tape recorder by Travis Holland and compiled by Michael Williams. Travis Holland was a musician that played with many, if not most, Texas progressive country artists during that time. 

The BF Deal catalog is as follows:

  • Mike Williams, The Radio Show BFD1 1976
  • Allen Wayne Damron, The Old Campaigner BFD2 1976
  • Ladd, Lady Up The Stairs BFD3 1976
  • B.F. Deal Sampler Vol. 1, BFD5 1977 included Nanci Griffith, John Garza, Frank Zigal and Will Walker.
  • Mike Williams, Free Man Happy Man BFD6 1977
  • Bill and Bonnie Hearne, Smilin’ BFD7 1977
  • Nanci Griffith, There’s a Light Beyond These Woods BFD9 1978
  • Tim Henderson, Waitin’ For The Naked Girl To Call BFD8 1978
  • Mike Williams, Comin’ Atcha! BFD12 1979

For information on Mikes music we suggest searching eBay or using your favorite search engine to find his records, here are a couple of locations we know of.

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