East Side Flash


East Side Flash (Bennet Spielvogel)


Bennet Spielvogel, or better known as the East Side Flash, was one of the most instrumental (no pun intended) musicians on the Sampler, he played Dobro, Piano, Acoustic Lead Guitar. Since those days Bennet has played and recorded just about everyone in the Folk,Country and just about every genre of music there is. In 1989 Bennet built and founded Flashpoint Recording in Austin Texas.


Bennet played with several Texas bands, playing at  famous and well known venues! His talents and diverse ability made him a well sought after musician.

In 1989, Bennet Spielvogel, also known as the East Side Flash, built Flashpoint Recording Studio in a turn of the century brick and stone building located deep in the heart of downtown Austin Texas.

The rooms within Flashpoint are soundproofed with double layers of sound insulation board and double layers of five eighth inch sheetrock. The sturdy walls are built on two by six plates with staggered studs and stuffed with rock wool. Staggered studs decouple the sound transmission source and provide excellent room to room isolation. He has recorded many famous people in his studio since that time.

For more info go to Flashpoint

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