Bill Blachly – The Engineer



Bill Blachly was the recording engineer for the Sampler, his contribution was possibly the most stellar one on the whole album. Bill has a long history of recording engineering credits that spans several decades and some of the most incredible artists there have been in the history of music.

Bill Blachly: Engineer

An outstanding Engineering Feat.

The Sampler was done “head on”, which means two track live, no overdubs or mixing down. Everything was performed in the studio as you hear it. Bill corrected mistakes by editing them out and splicing in the best parts of other takes.  There are more than 50 edits on this album, we bet you can’t find a single one. All this was possible because of the talents of Bill Blachly.

Over 50 Years of Music and More

Bill engineered some of the most stellar musicians in the history of  music with a career that spans over 40 years and then some, in fact the most recent credit is a reissue of his work dated 2012.  The best way we can illustrate the extent of Bills career is to list his discography. We want to state that it may not be a huge list but it is an impressive one. We can’t say this is all of it because judging from the eclectic state of it and the short comings of the internet information we can only present what we could find using that resource.

  • Clark Terry Sextet featuring Ben WebsterMore (Theme From Mondo Cane) ‎ (LP, Album) Cameo 1963
  • Clint Eastwood – Rawhide’s Clint Eastwood Sings Cowboy Favorites 1963
  •  Medical Mission Sisters* ‎– Joy Is Like The Rain Avant Garde Records (2) 1966
  • James Cotton Blues Band* ‎– Cotton In Your Ears Verve Forecast 1968
  • Jake Holmes ‎– A Letter To Katherine December Tower, 1968
  • Richie Havens ‎– Richard P. Havens 1983 Verve Forecast 1969
  • Mike Williams  ‎– Comin’ Atcha! B.F. Deal 1979
  • George Ensle ‎– Head-On Sawdust Records 1980
  • Rolling Stones, The ‎– Gimme Shelter DVD The Criterion Collection 2000
  • Richie Havens – High Flyin’ Bird: The Verve Forecast Years 2004
  • Clark Terry – Sextet and Octets (re-release) 2010
  • Maynard Ferguson – The New Sounds of Maynard Ferguson/Come Blow Your Horn: The Complete Cameo Recordings 2012

And of course the BF Deal Sampler Vol. 1 1975-76

Bill Blachly will always be remembered as the engineer that worked on projects most people didn’t even know existed but will always be remembered. The people of the Sampler were very fortunate to have him work with us.

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