The Line Up


The Musicians and Crew of the BF Deal Sampler were a talented and diverse bunch, ranging from Bluegrass, Rock, Jazz and multifaceted fields of Music, Art, Politics and Graphic Design. The sessions were down and dirty (Live Takes) and rehearsals were sparse. The quality of the musicianship speaks in the…

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Bill Blachly – The Engineer


  Bill Blachly was the recording engineer for the Sampler, his contribution was possibly the most stellar one on the whole album. Bill has a long history of recording engineering credits that spans several decades and some of the most incredible artists there have been in the history of music.…

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Sam Yeates – Cover Art


Sam Yeates created the images on the cover of the BF Deal Sampler, his work has been a part of the Austin Music Scene from the earliest inception. Without the talent of Sam Yeates the Sampler would not stand as recognizable as it does today! As a veteran crew member of…

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Stephen Doster – Lead Guitar


          Stephen Doster has been described as one of Austin’s most ubiquitous musicians.     Working Class Hero He has appeared on recordings, stage, and television with such talents as Nanci Griffith, Lyle Lovett, Mark O’Connor, Bill Carter, and Will Sexton. As a songwriter, his songs…

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Spencer Starnes

Spencer Starnes played bass on several cuts on the Sampler, an outstanding musican, and now the owner and engineer at Bee Creek Studio a recording studio he founded in 1982. Spencer Starnes is an experienced bassist, engineer and producer with three Grammys to his name; one for his musicianship as bass…

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Patterson Barrett

      Patterson played pedal steel on the Sampler and having him on the record was a real treat. Patterson Barrett moved to Austin shortly after appearing on Jerry Jeff Walker’s eponymous first release on MCA records, playing pedal steel, dobro, and guitar (including the song “L.A. Freeway”). Not long…

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East Side Flash


  Bennet Spielvogel, or better known as the East Side Flash, was one of the most instrumental (no pun intended) musicians on the Sampler, he played Dobro, Piano, Acoustic Lead Guitar. Since those days Bennet has played and recorded just about everyone in the Folk,Country and just about every genre of…

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